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Little Fitness Adventures

Perfect for ages 1-3 years.
Toddlers are exploring all aspects of movement, including rolling, climbing, bouncing, balancing, and dancing! We celebrate and practice all of these skills in our LFA class! With a mixture of age-appropriate songs, movement games, and physical activities, you and your child are sure to be moving and laughing together with us! Please come wearing clothes that are easy to move in and bring water! We can't wait to meet you and your littles!

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Kids Fitness Adventures

Perfect for ages 3-5 years.
Little ones love to move and that is exactly what they’ll do in our KFA class! Your child will climb, balance, run, jump, crawl, and of course laugh along with peers in our signature “fitness through play” class! We will start each class by warming up our bodies with a movement song or activity, then take part in a number of physical games focused around teamwork, body strengthening, coordination, brain stimulation, problem solving, and cardio health. Then, we will cool down with a calming flexibility activity towards the end of class! Moving in these ways will allow your child to master crucial motor skills and improve body awareness/coordination while having fun!


Kids Fitness Adventures II

Perfect for ages 5-8 years.
This fun, high-energy class builds upon all of the skills practiced in our younger KFA class, plus a whole bunch more! You can expect this class to be slightly more structured and physically advanced, but still focused on exploration and skill-building. We will play games focused on flexibility, agility, muscular strength, cooperation, brain stimulation, problem solving, and stamina while always keeping fun as an overarching priorityl! Watch your child light up as they achieve new physical and cognitive goals!


Fit Family Time

Perfect for all ages.
Everyday is a good day for family time, and now you can get fit together, too! A trained instructor will come to the location of your choice prepared with tailored, interactive exercises suited to your family’s ages and abilities. Children learn best from watching, so let’s show them that we value our own health as well by exercising side-by-side! We’ll make it fun and light-hearted as usual, so there are bound to be smiles from all participants! The time is now to live your values! Let’s go! Package pricing available.

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