Birthday & Event Packages

Perfect for ages 1-10 years.
Adults can chat, kids can play, and everyone is happy! Hire us for your next event and this could be you! A certified Skip & Scoot teacher will engage your guests in physical activity games, balloon challenges, obstacle courses, relays, and more until the little ones are begging for water (and cake)! Packages include a 45 min physical activity session with up to 10 kids. Package upgrade options available. Please inquire for add-ons and additional party options!

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Kid’s Fitness Group Playdates

Perfect for ages 1-10 years.
Want to get together with your parent friends just because? Do you have a monthly or weekly parent meet-up group? Our group playdates are perfect for you! Depending upon the age-range, location, and size of your playdate, we will tailor the activities to your specific needs and wishes. Please refer to the below class descriptions for an overall idea of what we can do with your group! We’ll give parents a break while we do what we do best, play, teach, and entertain!

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Fit Family Time

Perfect for all ages.
Everyday is a good day for family time, and now you can get fit together, too! A trained instructor will come to the location of your choice prepared with tailored, interactive exercises suited to your family’s ages and abilities. Children learn best from watching, so let’s show them that we value our own health as well by exercising side-by-side! We’ll make it fun and light-hearted as usual, so there are bound to be smiles from all participants! The time is now to live your values! Let’s go! Package pricing available.

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