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Sports Parents Unite! Why loading everyone into the car early on a Saturday morning for physical activities really is worth it.

I was at a crossroads in my life- living in San Diego, working at a non-profit called San Diego Center for Children, and knowing I needed my next life steps to materialize. I wasn’t entirely happy with life at present, and I knew I needed to make some big changes. But, what exactly? It was 2am, I couldn’t sleep, and I was digging deep, sitting with the silence, waiting impatiently for a bigger purpose to make itself known… read more.

Doing it for them or helping them learn? A how-to for cognitive mapping, hands-on physical learning, and adult assisting for children ages 0-4 years!

My mission with Skip & Scoot is to give my tiny participants the best classes possible by exercising their bodies and minds. As they move, they are building neural pathways, and truly learning through play. When all the adults in the room support this mission, classes run more smoothly and are more effective and fun for everyone!…read more.