Meet the owner of Skip & Scoot, Luci Grause! She holds a Masters in Physical Education from Columbia University and specializes in designing innovative kid's fitness programs. Welcome!

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My personal mission is to inspire a love for exercise in children which will benefit their lives for years to come. Playing with my own kids and showing them the immediate benefits of physical activity is something that I do as often as possible, and I'm thrilled to do the same for our Chicago community. Today, kids experience a world full of touch-screens and unhealthy food choices, which fuels my motivation to keep little ones physically active, socially competent, and well nourished! These amazing little humans are our future, and they are just so darn cute- right!? I can’t wait to meet you and your kids, so thank you in advance for joining one of our active play classes or events!

Luci Grause, Owner

Luci Grause, Owner

The reason I started Skip & Scoot is because fitness and sports have been major players in my own life at every stage, and it has been a recurring theme for me to serve as a leader in these arenas. As a child, I used to gather the younger kids in my neighborhood to play active games and teach them dance routines. As an adult, I have a deep respect for the physical and emotional benefits of exercise, which, along with my love for children, prompted me to earn my Masters in Physical Education from Columbia University in 2010. Post-graduation, I worked as a prek-12 physical education teacher and high school head coach in DC and VA where I honed my leadership skills and created out-of-the-box, engaging fitness programs for children of all skill levels. I have learned that young children are most receptive to light-hearted and exploratory activities held in welcoming and safe environments, so this is a big part of my approach at Skip & Scoot!

I can’t wait to crawl, walk, run and play together! See you in class!